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Hit Song Science™ and the Music Universe™ power the uPlaya Artist Revolution.

“Online services have helped address the ‘availability’ problem for music, but consumers and artists are still frustrated by a lack of ‘visibility’ to easily connect great artists with potential fans,” “Music Intelligence Solutions’ Music Universe™ and Hit Song Science™ can solve the visibility problem better than any other technology that I have seen.” Chuck D, co-founder of Public Enemy, legendary artist, author and Internet entrepreneur.

Do you dream of a world without boundaries — where you can place your work before a huge audience, with no limits and no interference?

Hit Song Science™ provides immediate feedback on your song´s potential for commercial success and instant legitimization in the market for high-scoring music.

Do you want help choosing the best channels and markets for your music and which of your songs have the best chance for success?

The Music Universe™ helps you understand the hit potential of your songs within different markets and niches and includes targeted promotional features to help your music gain visibility with audiences who already like your sound.

Our rating system gives you immediate feedback on the quality of your music, its competitive edge in the music industry, and its reception among professionals and music lovers.

For example, if your song receives a Gold or Platinum Audionaut Award (Auddy™), then the underlying musical patterns are similar to songs that have been hit in the past.

The Music Universe™ includes many languages and all genres from around the world. Ultimately, The Music Universe™ will analyze and catalog all music ever created and digitized.

Robert Lamm, pianist, singer and founding member of the rock band Chicago, … realized the program could give artists a “leg to stand on” when trying to persuade record label executives to promote a particular song.– San Francisco Chronicle

What a great way to get some objective feedback! … Interestingly enough, uPlaya had helped in making some tough decisions as to which tunes out of the 15 would actually make the final cut. It also got me to take a closer to listen to some of the vocals that were questionable … Whether you’re working with a song and want to know how different versions pan out, or making those tough decisions about which songs to include on an album in order to leave them wanting more, uPlaya offers a professional, objective and relevant solution. I love it!– Joe Vecchio, uPlaya Premium ArtistSource: uPlaya Blog

One of the most important decisions for a label usually was which single of an album (with on average of 10 songs) to release first. … Particularly for new artists, the first single was often a make-or-break situation…. Generating significant airplay for a song could easily cost $100,000 in promotion fees alone. … For each label, the few successes covered the losses made on the many failed titles …[Hit Song Science] offered a chance to test songs or albums at some stage during the production process and ‘tweak’ them to maximize their hit potential.– Harvard Business School Case Study

uPlaya fosters creativity.

The uPlaya Hit Song Science has been a fantastic tool not only to validate my music, but also to allow me to take some risks creatively to push my music to another level.– Claire Clarke, uPlaya Premium ArtistSource: Major Daily News Outlet

University of California at Santa Cruz Professor Emeritus of Music David Cope maintains that technology itself is an extension of human creativity … ‘For me at least, algorithmic creativity demonstrates our understanding of how we create,’ Cope, an expert in the fields of algorithmic musical composition and computer music analysis, said. ‘And understanding something does not demean it, but rather it enhances it.’– Discovery News

This service is really about the song. It’s not just about getting hits. It makes you look at the craft a little harder and makes you a better musician.”– Brett Conti, uPlaya Premium Artist

uPlaya seems to be the one tool Chicago could have used …. Musicians tend to want to constantly move into unchartered waters, so having an idea of what may work – without completely baffling your audience and based upon some science – brings a fresh objectivity to music projects.– Robert Lamm, Co-Founder of the Iconic Band, Chicago

uPlaya promotes the artist and the music.

uPlaya … [has] become the new talent scout for the music industry, finding and promoting promising new artists.– Business Week

Music Intelligence systems that can distinguish hits from misses could change the way music is made and marketed.– The Economist

For new artists willing to try anything to break into the Top 30, Hit Song Science is seen as an added marketing tool.– NBC News Feature

uPlaya bridges an important gap between the sheer volume of music available for sale or stream, a hungry global audience trying to find great new things to hear, and technological innovations that continue to bring the two closer together in innovative and efficient ways.– Greg Scholl, President and CEO of The Orchard

It’s like a FICO credit score for music.– San Francisco Chronicle

For the first time in your songwriting career, you will get immediate feedback on the quality of your music, its competitive edge in the music industry, and its hit potential. Plus, this response includes targeted promotional tools to help you gain exposure and visibility with audiences who already appreciate your sound.– Dennis Sinnott, AuthorSource: Masters of Songwriting

Apparently having similar patterns doesn’t mean you are just following existing trends and fashion. After all, a pleasing melody is a pleasing melody, whatever the style. Norah Jones material was quite different from anything released before. They tested her songs and found they had huge hit potential; this was long before Norah won awards and sold millions of copies.– BBC News Special

This surprisingly accurate technology could profoundly change the way music is created… High music-intelligence scores can help convince notoriously risk-averse and it’s-who-you-know record labels to take a chance on new talent.– The Economist

This new technology that predicts whether a song will be a hit exhibited very high prediction accuracy rate … Popular and independent artists worldwide are using this system to help them predict the hit potential of their new songs.– SBS News Special, one of the four top broadcast networks in South Korea

Above all else I consider Hit Song Science the most innovative music solutions technology today that analyzes your song’s hit potential and commercial success.– Jay Wang , Popular Music BloggerSource: www.bustedkeys.com

I’m in. Thanks for the opportunity. You tell me when, and as the Beatles said, ‘I’ll be there’ … You are changing the world, not only the music. Congratulations!– Hector, uPlaya Premium Artist

The creation and production of music is undergoing a revolution.– Atlantic Magazine names uPlaya as one of the top 5 predictions for the future of music

Hit Song Science, le détecteur des tubes de demain.– Le Monde

Music Intelligence Solutions, Inc. Named to Top Mobile Innovator Global Award Nominee Short List by the GSM Association (GSMA)

uPlaya offers validation.

The hard thing for songwriters is that it’s difficult to get an objective opinion. You love your song and so does your mom, but will anybody else? So that’s why I loaded it up to Hit Song Science. What could be more objective than a computer program? … within a few weeks of getting my results I was engaged in conversations with a major label in the UK.– Ben Novak, Charted Singer/SongwriterSource: San Francisco Chronicle and other Major Daily News Outlet

…the reputation of Hit Song Science™ combined with their reports helped us gain the attention of some major label industry heavyweights. Hit Song Science is a must-have tool for any hit song builder.– Reynolds, Canadian band, Brittlestar

Man is it tough to get those heard by anyone. uPlaya gave “River Common” Platinum status and that was excellent validation for me. I know the term musical genius is used far too freely but … the guy who wrote this software surely is … Nice work. Very cool software (I’ve also created software for Time Warner and my own company so I know the work that goes into that too). – Scott Spinucci, uPlaya Premium ArtistSource: Facebook

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