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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this service for?

The on-line service is for independent / unsigned musicians and songwriters interested in immediate feedback on the quality and hit potential of their music.

uPlaya provides tools to analyze, classify and promote music for artists of all levels from basement bands to Grammy award winning artists. Please contact us at and we will be happy to help you with full reports at a cost you will see returned many times over on your first usage.

Why do music labels/publishers use Hit Songs Science™ and what do they use it for?

We provide market analysis intelligence and success rate predictions to record labels and music publishers, assisting in key decisions such as release order, promotional budgets, and market timing.

As a company of music enthusiasts and technology inventors, we create solutions that help people find and enjoy new music.

We help labels address all of these issues by helping them look at their music and their market in new ways. We help them feel more confident in signing and releasing music that may not necessarily sound formulaic. We help them raise the bar for the standard of quality that makes in onto a given album. We help them to see when promoting certain music is not likely to give them a return on their investment. We help the labels waste less money so that money can be invested in developing new, better and more innovative artists.

I am a producer, how can HSS™ help me?

We help you in the production process in fine tuning the mixes and final master, to prepare the song with better success potential for your target market.

Please contact us for a description of our Studio Projects at:

I am a content provider. How can I use your Hit Song Science™ solutions?

Our solutions help you by providing by organizing and visualizing your catalog for users and by improving the quality of your meta data and generating some where none exists.

We help you to optimize your whole catalog so it can all be discovered by putting specific music in front of people who are already predisposed to like that particular sound.

We have an integrated solution for Content Providers that leverages both our HSS™ solutions and our patented Music Universe™. Please contact us at:

I am in the Mobile Industry. Can Hit Song Science™ also help me?


We can help you promote your content and provide an outlet for talented new artists for all your mobile channels.

Our music solutions are tuned to the wants of today’s mobile customers with integrated music quizzes, games and other interactive mobile music entertainment.

We have integrated solutions for Mobiles that leverage both our HSS™ solutions and our patented Music Universe™. Please contact us at:

How does the technology work?

We use artificial intelligence applications as well as other methods to analyze the underlying mathematical patterns in music. Our technology does something called spectral deconvolution which is a fancy way of saying that we can isolate and separate many musical events that occur in a song. Some of these events are patterns in melody, harmony, chord progression, brilliance, fullness of sound, beat, tempo, rhythm, octave, and pitch. We then compare the patterns in new music (yours for example) to patterns in hit songs. By doing this combined with other mathematical calculations we’ve been able to develop a highly accurate and scientific tool. While this may sound like science fiction, keep in mind that we are working for major and independent labels on both side of the Atlantic who trust and use our results to make decisions. Please see our explanation of the technology for a more in-depth explanation.

Isn’t music supposed to be art?

Yes, and artistic integrity and creativity are the lifeblood of the music and are of paramount importance to our business. Literature and movie making are also forms of art, however, the art of story development follows certain rules. Georges Polti, 19th century French author, identified 36 possible plots in literature that would hold the attention of the audience with the right amount of tension and subsequent resolution. Those rules existed before Polti identified them but by identifying them he helped writers become creative within guidelines that would help them connect with their audiences.

All that the technology behind Hit Song Science™ has done is identify parameters in music in much the same way that Polti identified parameters in story lines. Music Intelligence Solutions did not invent the music patterns, it developed a patented technology that is capable of detecting these patterns.

It provides a useful tool for music creation, production and promotion, and it plays a key role in new artist discovery.

How does the technology adapt to new trends?

Since new hits are added to the Music Universe™ and old hits are rotated out, the system is continuously fed with the most recent information that allows recentness” related parameters to be updated.

Our technology detects new trends with a specific combination of scores. We analyze the “recentness” parameters, in order to be able to detect new and emerging music. So a song that contains mathematical parameters that are becoming more prevalent in new music is detected as having high hit potential.

Norah Jones, Ben Novak and Mika are some examples detected prior to their success (see our success stories).

Please contact us at: if you would like more information.