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This Meet n Fuck App Finds Matches Based On Musical Taste

Are you a fan of the indie band The 1975? How about EDM, or hip-hop mogul Jay-Z? No matter what your favorite genre is, the app Find N Fuck can find someone for you based on musical taste.

FindNFlirt is a new app that allows users to sign up for free and make a profile. It then matches them with other users who like similar accounts on social media platforms. You can choose to either message the match or wait for them to contact you. If the interest is mutual, Find N Fuck will set up a date at a place of your choice so you two can meet face-to-face.

How does it work?

“This online dating app is different because it matches people based on their music preferences,” says Mark Reader of Find N Fuck. “People are more likely to have things in common with someone who likes the same band as them. If you’re really into rock music, for example, you’ll be matched with other fans of rock music.”

If you’re looking for a strings free fuck, it might not seem important to have things in common with your partner. However, Find N Fuck claims users who search based on interests have successful hookups 90% more than other users. That’s why they encourage users to match based on interests like musical taste.

The app has a lot of research behind it. FindNFlirt’s algorithm is based on data from Spotify, Pandora, and LastFM.

What makes this app different from other hookup apps?

“Other dating apps just have a few questions about what you’re into, but Find N Fuck asks what your favorite artists are,” says Reader. “The more specific your tastes, the better chance you have of being paired up with someone who has similar interests.”

How can I download it?

Find N Fuck is available on their website at Enter in your name, age, gender, and email to sign up. Once you’ve put in your personal information, start filling out your favorite bands and genres so you can begin matching with people who like similar music to yours.

Finally, what’s the goal of this app?

“We want to promote a more fulfilling and meaningful dating experience,” says Reader. “With Find N Fuck it’s easy to find people who like the same music as you, so there is always something to talk about on a date.”

Should you try Find N Fuck?

Yes, this app is for anyone who’s tired of the same old dating games. The benefits of using Find N Fuck include having a music conversation starter and meeting people who like similar genres as you.

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