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The Deal

It’s time for a change in the music industry… so that no great song goes unheard again.

The uPlaya Artist Deal helps democratize the music industry by first providing you, the independent artist, instant feedback on your song including the potential that your music has for commercial success, and then providing you with exposure and the tools you need to further promote your songs.

“Music Intelligence Solutions is a riveting force into digital distribution, awareness, and, most of all, the discovery of digital media,” said Chuck D, co-founder of Public Enemy, legendary artist, author and Internet entrepreneur.

The Deal

  • The uPlaya Artist Deal is a completely non-exclusive agreement, so you retain ownership of your songs (the way it should be) and you are not prevented from working with anyone else.
  • No submission fee for initial tracks
  • Instant feedback and analysis of the hit-potential and style of your music.
  • Promotional exposure where your music may appear in web radio, iTunes library, music widgets, quiz games, and the iPhone.
  • Possible placement in Movies, TV or Ads and you will receive 50% of the license fees that we receive for your music.
  • Services for all genres and languages as well as the ability to connect with fans predisposed to like your sound.
  • Music will be being taken down if it violates the uPlaya Terms of Use, is copyrighted material that someone else has rights to, or is abusive or otherwise offensive.